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Release v0.10.0. (Installation)

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Relé makes integration with Google PubSub easier and is ready to integrate seamlessly into any Django project.

Motivation and Features

The Publish-Subscribe pattern and specifically the Google Cloud Pub/Sub library are very powerful tools but you can easily cut your fingers on it. Relé makes integration seamless by providing Publisher, Subscriber and Worker classes.

Out of the box, Relé includes the following features:

  • Simple publishing API
  • Declarative subscribers
  • Scalable Worker
  • Ready to install Django/Flask integration
  • And much more…

What It Looks Like

# Subscribe to the Pub/Sub topic
from rele import sub
def photo_uploaded(data, **kwargs):
    print(f"Customer {data['customer_id']} has uploaded an image")

# Publish to the topic
import rele
rele.publish(topic='photo-uploaded', data={'customer_id': 123})


Relé supports Python 3.6+ and installing via pip

$ pip install rele

or with Django integration

$ pip install rele[django]

API Docs

This is the part of documentation that details the inner workings of Relé.

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